Chris Born Photography


based in Frankfurt (Germany)

Monochrome & Cocktail-Colors

‘I see nobody on the road,’ said Alice.
`I only wish I had such eyes,’ the King remarked in a fretful tone. `To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance, too! Why, it’s as much as I can do to see real people, by this light!’ ~ Lewis Carroll ~

Sounds like a paradox?
Not to Chris. He has learned to see – especially the essence of things.
A spectre imprinted on the hard concrete of the urban jungle. The soft line of the collarbone. The abyss in the face of the femme fatale. The brittle odor of goodbye in front of the train station.
The ghost who takes one last drag off a cigarette.
It’s the subtle things that Chris renders visible.

To him, this is an act of art. An act without coercion. He does not force things. He does not push. Instead, he is able to cope with the unexpected and makes the most of it.
To him, only the real thing does count. To him, it is all about intuition – indoors or outdoors. He also masters the composition, the complex synthesis of the studio. Holding a camera is like working magic to him – and he creates fancy, skilfully composed images.
Set down in monochrome and cocktail-color.

Illusion is the first of all pleasures. ~ Oscar Wilde ~

Since fashion requires arrangement and elaborate composition, Chris uses both with surprising ease. He draws on the couture-color-palette and makes use of Noir, Minimalistic or Millenium-shades.
Sometimes well-defined, sometimes smooth and feathery.
Sometimes Urban Decay, sometimes Confetti & Cake.
However, High Fashion at its best.

Chris creates wedding-looks in Bridal French, Off-White or pastel Winter’s edge. Every bride is allowed to take her time – since it is her day to shine.
Making people feel comfortable is top priority. It might have something to do with Chris’ past. Since he wants to retain an affinity with his professional roots, he is still interested in social endeavour.
His studio is located in Mainz, and his actual project is dedicated to the streets of Frankfurt City. 

Among twenty snowy mountains, the only moving thing was the eye of the blackbird. ~ Wallace Stevens ~

Chris spent some time in Australia and Paris.
It was only then that he got interested in taking pictures, and his first attempt towards photography was dedicated to the Parisian architecture.
While he got lost in the beauty of Sydney, he took amazing pictures embodying its nightly golden skyline.

And there is another medium that has claimed as his own. He got deeply involved in video – especially depicting bands who provide an insight into what it is like to be on tour.

‘On the road’ is his place to be.
He likes to set things in motion and revels in progress. What is most important to him is to stay agile. And he is most happy when there are new faces every day – new faces to work with and to create the ample lookbook of life.
Then, he does not make a difference between work and leisure.
And you will not even know whether he is playing – or working hard.